Are Virtual Doctors Safe?

Are Virtual Doctors Safe?

Times change and medicine has changed. 

Now the way we receive health care has changed.


In Manitoba,  virtual healthcare has newly arrived, but virtual healthcare is not new.   Many provinces have pioneered this type of healthcare and it has been known by a number of names: telemedicine, telehealth, online doctors, online medicine.

Since the pandemic began, we have been using phone appointments with our regular primary healthcare doctors, and has it ever saved us a lot of time and frustration (do you remember waiting in the waiting room?), not to mention money traveling to and from clinics, and paying for parking.  Phone or video appointments are becoming the norm in Manitoba, just as they have in other provinces ahead of us.


Is it Legal in Manitoba?

Yes!  Virtual healthcare is legal and provided for by Manitoba health.  It is free with your Manitoba health card and is regulated in exactly the same way as a physical clinic.  As with all Manitoba doctors, they must be licensed in Manitoba.

Is it Secure?

Yes!  Every doctor in Manitoba is licensed and is regulated by the same privacy laws.  Your information is secure, and as in a physical clinic, it is available over the same secure database as other clinics.  Sabe Wellness uses a secure app for video medical appointments specifically created for medical use and is fully encrypted.

Isn’t It Better To See A Doctor in Person?

Research shows that up to 80% of doctor visits could be effectively done over the phone or video.  These sorts of appointments are best for video or phone appointments:

  • mental health issues
  • many skin problems
  • urinary, sinus, and minor skin infections
  • sore throats
  • sexual health
  • conditions monitored by home devices
  • lab results need or to be reviewed

When to See a Doctor In Person:

  • loss of vision
  • loss of hearing
  • ear pain
  • cough
  • As always, attend emergency or dial 9-1-1 if you have chest pain or trouble breathing.

The Canadian Medical Association has a great patient guide for virtual care you can read.


Why Would I Choose a Virtual Doctor Instead of a Physical Clinic?

Virtual Doctor appointments are much more convenient than going to a clinic.  There are no waiting rooms, dirty chairs, or uncomfortable silences (or conversations) while you wait.  It costs less too;  there is no travel cost, and no vehicle is required.    Whenever possible, virtual appointments are just the easiest option.


How to Get Ready for Your Video Appointment:

  1.  Choose your device –  smartphone, tablet, or computer
  2. Download and install the app
  3. Make sure your device is charged or plugged in
  4. Use headphones if possible for your privacy and have a private space for your appointment.
  5. Have adequate lighting – coming from in front of you.  Face your light source.


Make a Virtual Appointment Today!

Sabe Wellness offers both family doctors and specialists in their virtual clinic.   Make an appointment online, download the app and you are on your way to a healthier you!


What is Holding You Back?  Email us if you have questions!



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